Business Analytics

You can use our solutions to fix pain points, or to create overall analytics wellness. Better yet, we can help you do both.

When clients use our solutions to make data-driven decisions, they often see millions of dollars returned to their bottom lines quickly. But once our analytics have identified underlying systemic defects, they can help you eliminate their core root causes, and the result is lasting analytics wellness. Beyond point solutions, we also offer enterprise solutions that cover a wide spectrum of functional areas, and cross-enterprise solutions like G/L, supply chain, and costing analytics that bring new levels of effectiveness to these key activities.

Healthcare Solutions

The revenue cycle is just that; it’s a long process that starts before the patient walks through the door and continues well after treatment. At every step of the way, there are processes that can be improved, so we offer highly focused solutions that improve outcomes from beginning to end.

The VisiQuate Playbook

Created by experts. Proven by our clients.

A steady stream of our best plays that eliminate waste and loss, improve operational efficiencies, capture more revenue, reduce manual staff work and increase productivity.

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