Marketplace Partners

Collaborating with our Marketplace Partners takes ROI even higher

In our long history of helping clients achieve peak business health, we've created a proven approach that turns raw data into meaningful analytics that yield value in a number of ways. We've also met and worked with some of the most talented, committed professionals in healthcare. They work in companies that combine their specialized experience with our platform, solutions and services. The services these partners provide by using our analytics has a multiplier effect on ROI. So we've created The VisiQuate Marketplace, where we can connect you with proven professionals who can help you achieve better outcomes in many different areas of the revenue cycle.

Here are just a few of the ways they can help you. If there is a particular area where you would like help, or if you need more information, just ask, and we'll introduce you to the right partner.

AI-Powered Decision Intelligence

Automated analysis of claim data about patient financial processes, from scheduling to cash costing. AI-powered decision engines deliver 10X faster best practice actions than performing traditional internal or external analysis.

A/R Outsourcing

Analytics-supported A/R outsourcing by expert portfolio consultants who use the full capability of our analytics, account segmentation and predictive science. This is why they have a well-documented history of converting aged A/R into cash.

A/R Valuation

Is your A/R portfolio overvalued, undervalued, or have you calculated its size precisely? For an affordable fee, and in a short time, you can get an informed second opinion about its real value of your portfolio, based on a thorough evaluation by professionals who use our analytics.

Automated Claim Statusing

Get complete information on every aspect of claims and remittance, the second payers post it to their provider portals. Patented bot technology eliminates manual intervention on up to 60% of claims.

Data Driven Performance Management

This proven approach to revenue cycle optimization helps clients across the country slash bad debt, reduce A/R days, and minimize manual touches per claim. To deliver value that lasts long past their initial engagement, this service features collaboration with VisiQuate and integrates with our data to help you migrate to a data driven performance management culture that sustainably increases net revenue yield.

Enriched Content for EMRs

Using AI and advanced data ingestion/integration technology to embed enriched content into existing EMR workflows and tools lowers costs by 60%. By using decision-enabling EHRs, clients optimize operational throughput, drive financial yield improvement, and enhance patient outcomes.

Lean Consulting

Compared to extended, theory-heavy consulting practices, our collaboration with this partner takes a lean, results-oriented approach. Combining their domain expertise with our advanced analytics, they partner with you to teach, support, and drive data-driven principles for managing your organization. This pragmatic approach to consulting results in a sustainable ongoing relationship.

Outsourced Claim Denials and Appeal Management

Our data sets feed these specialists, who combine in-house attorney, clinical, and specialist resources to collect revenues lost through clinical and technical denials and to overcome administrative delays by insurance companies They have successfully assisted clients with developing appeals management programs, key performance indicators, and payer accountability programs, as well as dashboard data analysis, metric management, operations structuring and compensation, vendor management, and portfolio valuation.

Patient Access

At least 30% of denied claims are caused by upstream errors, especially in Patient Access. Having complete and current answers on patient coverage, liability, and demographics, plus real-time authorization requirements and status can resolve many of these problems. Our integrations with the data science techniques of this partner lets you have those answers in seconds, instead of days.

Workers' Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Expert services from in-house attorneys and claims specialists to resolve highly complex workers' compensation and motor vehicle accident ("MVA") issues. Skilled professionals access our data sets to apply their knowledge of applicable laws in each jurisdiction to produce industry-leading results, successfully moving workers' compensation and MVA claims from patient discharge through resolution and payment.

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