Sandbox as a Service? Absolutely. We'll set up exactly what you need in no time.


Have you ever wished you had everything it takes to engage, interact, and experiment with a Big Data project? Without buying an armload of Big Data tools? And trying to put the pieces together yourself? That’s why we created Maestro™. So you can start discovering what’s hidden in your Big Data within weeks, instead of years.

Maestro is a Big Data Sandbox solution we set up for you to do Self Service Big Data Discovery. It is a fully managed, virtualized, secure cloud environment that is tailored to your exact needs as a client, whether you’re conducting a data discovery project, or exploring a specific use case. Either way, you can quickly take advantage of the best of the best practices in Big Data, by using Hadoop, HortonWorks, Cloudera, MapR and many other BD tools and technologies. And you buy nothing. Maestro is a cost-effective service, with a full menu of engagement options. Most importantly, you’re never left to figure out anything on your own. Every Maestro engagement comes with a pre-packaged bundle of hours that gives you real help from VisiQuate’s subject matter experts, data engineers and visual scientists.

Key Features & Benefits

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