The world’s most valuable to-do list.


Real worklisting and workflow involves more than inflexible sequences. A valuable solution automates routine sequences, prescribes other actions, and gives every user the authority to resolve sticking points by assigning action items up and down the organization chart.

– Colt Briner
Senior Product Manager

Every business day, our enterprise clients send us massive volumes of Big Data. Buried in their data, there are problems that interrupt operations, take up expensive staff time, erode customer satisfaction, and weaken the enterprise.

So every business night, we transform it into solutions that help everyone – from management to staff – take the actions they need to get things done. There are prescriptive worklists that drive structured, prioritized activities. There are dynamic worklists that effectively make each user the CEO of their own portfolio. And there is closed loop business process automation that greatly improves productivity. Every part of this solution is based on our decades of revenue cycle experience, and by our ability to design solutions that turn Big Data into insights into results.

Key Features & Benefits

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