The proven platform that makes it all possible

To deliver all this value to our clients, it takes a number of technologies acting in sync. There is a data integration studio, business analytics engine, a visual operating system, a knowledge distribution system, and a worklisting/workflow solution. And they are all tied together by our integrated platform.

HarmoniTM – Our fully integrated platform

Harmoni is the total of all the components described below. As the proven technology that drives all our solutions, it gives a foundation that lets us innovate at unprecedented speed. Where does one of these components end and another begin? The best part of Harmoni is that it’s impossible to tell.

ConcertoTM – Our visual operating system

Concerto pulls a user’s business information together into a unified user interface. It has been designed to deliver more of a retail vs. corporate experience. Our consistent, fresh interface delivers sophisticated, enterprise-level information with a look and feel that’s as simple and easy to navigate as a mobile app. And that’s purely intentional.

NumeroTM – Our business analytics engine

Numero helps users identify key outliers in their data and distribute the right actionable information to the right people – at the right level – throughout the enterprise. And Numero goes beyond identifying current trouble spots. It has powerful predictive analytics capabilities that take users through a guided experience that uses historical data to identify future potential problems.

Users easily navigate through scorecards, dashboards, key performance indicators, critical success factors, and other key reporting features. In seconds, they can zoom from high-level KPI’s down to fine-grain transaction detail; from the corner office view to the view from any cubicle.

FloTM – Advanced business process worklisting

Every business night, we transform your Big Data into solutions that help everyone – from management to staff – take the actions they need to get things done. There are prescriptive worklists that drive structured, prioritized activities. There are dynamic worklists that effectively make each user the CEO of their own portfolio. And there is closed loop business process automation that greatly improves productivity. Every part of this solution is based on our decades of revenue cycle experience, and by our ability to design solutions that turn Big Data into insights into results.

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MaestroTM – Sandbox as a service

Maestro™ is our Big Data Sandbox: a fully managed, virtualized, secure cloud virtual environment that is tailored to your exact needs as a client, whether you’re conducting a data discovery project,or exploring a specific use case.Either way, you can quickly take advantage of the best of the best practices in Big Data, by using Hadoop, HortonWorks, Cloudera, MapR and many other BD tools and technologies. And you buy nothing. Maestro is a cost-effective service, with a full menu of engagement options. Most importantly, you’re never left to figure out anything on your own. Every Maestro engagement comes with a pre-packaged bundle of hours that gives you real help from VisiQuate’s subject matter experts, data engineers and visual scientists.

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SonataTM – Our data integration studio

Every business night, our clients send us massive amounts of data from their ERP, HIS, third-party data, social media streams, and machine-generated sets. Overnight, our data engineers integrate this disparate data onto one common platform, so it can be transformed by our business analytics engine. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, the volume, velocity, and variety of Big Data is exploding. Already, billions of devices are generating data, from wireless glucose monitors, to biometric locks, to GPS locators. So it becomes even clearer that data integration is not a do-it yourself project.

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