Revenue Management Analytics

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Most Revenue Cycle BI solutions overload you with static dashboards that report on lagging indicators like A/R Days, Bad Debt, and Charity, But you need much more than routine metrics that leave you wondering, “Now what?” That’s why our Revenue Management Analytics deliver information that streams value-rich intelligence. Our users see advanced visualizations of leading indicators. This leads to insights into the root causes that underlie standard performance reports.

Instead of generic reports, users access advanced metrics that map closely to their roles in the organization and lead directly into specific workflows that improve individual and organizational performance. To make our Revenue Management Analytics even more valuable, it also features advanced ad-hoc visual querying, actionable alerts, collaboration, dynamic geographic mapping, learning management tools, and more.

VisiQuate analytics helped our hospital drive down inaccurate charges in high-end imaging, saving us over $4M/year.

– Steve hovan
Vice President, Revenue Cycle

Key Features & Benefits

Every day, we turn up the value.

In addition to transforming and integrating your data daily as part of our service, behind the scenes our data engineers, SME product specialists and visual scientists are working tirelessly on your behalf to continuously update our platform and business analytics solutions with new features, refinements and other product innovations.


Advanced Aging Analytics

Aging is traditionally viewed in broad 30 day buckets. But VisiQuate can tailor aging analytics to your requirements, so we typically recommend visualizing more detail, like these 15 day buckets with inherent heat that better illustrates and allows fast drill down into the inherent collectability risk in all aging categories.


Cash Analytics

Our Cash Analytics solution provides advanced, highly intuitive insight into the sources of cash from payers by presenting visuals that go far beyond pie charts. An additional click into this visual brings cash flow from payer sources to life with streaming visuals and time-lapse techniques that better illustrate seasonality and other characteristics.


Revenue Run-Out Analytics

Revenue Run-Out Analytics illustrate how Gross and Net Revenue break down and how expected net revenue is impacted by a variety of factors, from institutional payer sources to patient pay, denials, charity care and other administrative write-offs.


Geography & Location Analytics

Geographic Analytic visualizations provide rich insight by zip+4 into propensity-to-pay, charity, volume, demographic changes, clinical morbidities and mortalities, and hundreds of other key attributes and metrics. Advanced zoom-in features provide rich insight from 30,000 feet to street level views.


Advanced Worklisting

Advanced worklisting gives users an intuitive interface that lets them view data from multiple sources. Easy to use features and functionality include multi-user collaboration, dynamic statusing, flagging, and on-the-fly remark codes and other annotations.

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