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Leonid Nekhymchuk

Chief Technology Officer

He can speak Russian, in French.

– The most interesting man in the world

Leo’s history with us goes back to 2002, when CEO Brian Robertson first worked with him to pioneer a platform to manage large-scale analytics delivered securely via SaaS. Since that first collaboration, when he first impressed clients with his pure ability to get things done, Leo has been responsible for more than 2,000 healthcare analytics implementations. That includes more than 300 unique client logos, 400 data warehouses and ETL assemblies, and over 10,000 client personalization requests per year. In the process, he built software engineering teams that started with six members and grew to more than 100+ FTEs.

We are delighted that Leo is now on this side of the pond, since he personifies two qualities we all admire: the career achievements of a 50-year old, and the boundless energy of a thirty-something.

Leo earned an MS in Computer Science and Intelligent Systems and Networks at Kharkov University of Radioelectronics. He is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and English. When Leo is not busy shaving query response times to shockingly new minimums, he enjoys international travel, sporting events, kiteboarding and spending time with his family.

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